The Jewish Bridge Project is home to Jewish Justice Circle education, Queer ritual, and engaged community action.

The mission of the Jewish Bridge Project is to engage U.S. Jewish community in decolonial and abolitionist antiracism and anti-oppression consciousness shift.  The aim of this endeavor is to increase safety, thriving, vitality, and positive life outcomes for people vulnerable to white supremacy, settler-colonialism, christian dominance, patriarchy and neo-liberal capitalism.  The approach is dedicated to de-emphasizing individualism and continually understanding personal social location within oppressive systems (racism, capitalism, patriarchy, christian hegemony) to support rigorous and faithful work to shape new civic, social, and ecological structures for collective well-being.  Thru teaching historical context, honoring personal experience, building socio-emotional skills and rooting in Jewish time and Jewish practice we embrace the wisdom that living in a less brutal and racist culture benefits all members of society

Jewish Bridge Project is now offering (click box for details)

Jewish Justice Circle: Awakening to whiteness (JJC:A2w)

(On Hiatus) Jewish Justice Circle: Community of Practice (JJC:CoP)

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